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A tool to make parsing Accept headers and finding the appropriate mimetype to return easy. Simply pass your accept header and the mimetype your server can return and it will find the best match.

There is both a programmatic interface to this package as well as a command line interface.


It can easily be installed using pip

pip install mimetype-match

Or if you prefer clone the repo and install it simply run the following from the root directory of the package.

python setup.py develop

Full Documentation


Using the command line interface

mimetype-match [accept-header] [server-mimetype1] [server-mimetype2] ...

The first argument should be the comma delimited mimetypes as an appropriately formatted accept header. The additional arguments are the mimetypes from the server that you wish to match. For example you may have an Accept header of the following: text/*;q=0.3, text/html;q=0.7, text/html;level=1, /html;level=2;q=0.4, */*;q=0.5 and the server can serve the following content types: ["text/html", "application/json", "audio/basic"]

In this case we would run the following command:

mimetype-match "text/*;q=0.3, text/html;q=0.7, text/html;level=1, /html;level=2;q=0.4, */*;q=0.5" "text/html" "application/json" "audio/basic"

This command would tell you that “text/html” is the best choice.

Using the package

Using the package programmatically is very similar to the cli.

from mimetype_match import AcceptHeader

available_types = ["text/html", "application/json", "audio/basic"]
accept_header = AcceptHeader("text/*;q=0.3, text/html;q=0.7, text/html;level=1, /html;level=2;q=0.4, */*;q=0.5")
best_match = accept_header.get_best_match(available_types)
# It returns a tuple.  The first object is a MimeType object
# which has the orinal requested type from the client
# The second object is the available type from the
# server that best matches the clients requested types.


Prior to version 1.0.0 versioning follows sentimental versioning. Releases after 1.0.0 ollow a standard major.minor.patch style.

  • patch: forwards and backwards compatible
  • minor: backwards compatible
  • major: No guarantees


Want to help out? We’d love it! Github will be the hub of development for mimetype-matching. If you have any issues, comments, or complaints post them there. Additionally, we are definitely accepting pull requests (hint: we almost always love more tests and documentation). We do have just a few requests:

  • Every method, function, and class should have a thorough docstring
  • There should be at least one unit test for each function and method
  • Keep your pull requests to one issue. (Preferably open an issue on github first for record keeping)

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